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Background: Recently we treated the home and playhouse of a San Antonio family that lives next door to another of our safe family's. Their 2nd grader loves her backyard playhouse, which is quite charming. Her dad took 8 months to build his daughter this lovely little "condo" in the backyard. After treating the home and the playhouse and preparing to leave, the little girl handed us the picture below. Although all of the comments from the families we serve are touching and heart warming, this drawing has to rank as one of the most touching, most heart warming unsolicited testimonials of all times. With the permission of her dad, we publish the exquisite drawing made by the charming 2nd-grader.

Mikaela, San Antonio, TX
Happy 2nd Grader (with permission from her dad)

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with AlwaysEco. Lisa and Dr. Mitch came over and gave us very thorough information about the products AlwaysEco uses. I felt very confident and secure knowing that harmful toxins and poisons would not be used in my home. I care for my family and their well being and would never consider using another pest control company. They were not only helpful with pest control issues, but with other questions I had about general lawn and tree care. I asked a LOT of questions and never once felt like I was being a "pest" - ha! pun intended - to them. I plan to continue AlwaysEco for as long as I have my home in this area.

Jennifer, Kyle TX
Pet Parent

AlwaysEco was such a breath of fresh air after going through the hellish experience of having bugs for a month and not being able to figure out what they were or how they got there. I had called a pest company that doused my furniture in chemicals, made me pay an exorbitant amount of money, and then did not inform me at all as to what had caused the problem or how I could prevent it. I was feeling pretty low and destined to be bug infested till I sold everything I owned, something I couldn't afford to do. Then I called Always Eco. I ask a lot of questions and want to understand why and how thing work and happen. They absolutely rose to the challenge, enthusiastically answering my questions and giving thorough explanations of their products. I saw them closely inspect everything and treat my home with care. After the treatment my house smelled like flowers, not dangerous toxins, and I had the comfort of knowing nothing was damaged in the process and nothing would harm me in the coming weeks. They expressed concern about the pesticides used by the previous pest company. They drafted a very thorough and professional letter and kept me informed all along the way of what I needed to do in the process. Within just a few weeks I was reimbursed for my ruined mattresses and the original fee. Bug infestations are already a pretty humiliating and exhausting experience; AlwaysEco understands this and will treat you with respect the whole way, following through on their mission to eradicate your house of bugs till not just you, but they are also satisfied. I absolutely recommend their services.

Nina B, Austin, TX
UT Graduate

*Note: Some confidential information has been removed from this testimonial.

"... I read your 'CEO Review' page... I can certainly understand your passion about this, and I can see from your 'About' page that you have a vested interest in safe pest control..."

Thomas H. Brennan, Chief
EPA, Environmental Stewardship Branch
Biopesticides & Pollution Prevention Division
Office of Pesticide Programs

*Note: Stated during a personal telephone call to Dr. Mitchell regarding the EPA program

"I have had several pest control companies over the years. They never get rid of the bugs. They just come in and spray. You took a methodical approach and found the roaches. The other companies didn't do any of that. There is just no comparison. I also like that your service is safe because I don't have any worries about my baby or Blanca my dog. Thank you so much for getting rid of the roaches and the wasps."

Jenny, Manor, TX
Mother w/Infant
Pet Parent

Dr. Mitchell and Lisa sold me at the door! I never buy from solicitors, but when they literally educated me on the dangers of what the other company used around my three children and my three small dogs, I switched immediately. Their service was fantastic, the products worked, and I have no more silverfish or spiders. I highly recommend AlwaysEco.

Kelly, Hutto, TX
Mother of 3

I don't have spiders in my sunroom or on my plants anymore.

Wanda, Houston, TX
Home Maker

I contacted the other pest control company several times to find out what they had been spraying around my family. No one at that company would tell me what they had sprayed inside my house. My organic gardener recommended you guys. I think its great that you the owners come out to meet the customer first. I am very happy with your service - No bugs for 3 months! You can have anyone call me about your safe pest control program.

Travis, Austin, TX
Family with Infant
Airline Pilot

It was hard to believe how little the other company knew about their pesticides. Talking to Dr. Mitchell opened my eyes to the dangers of inorganic pesticides. I've even stopped using flea sprays on my dogs because I didn't know that the sprays poisons my dog's blood just to poison the flea. AlwaysEco solved my cricket problem and my flea problem safely - Thank you for such a thoughtful service and a real education on pest control.

Gayle, Manor, TX
Pet Parent

Impressive guys. I have never met a pest control company with owners that actually know how and why their products work. Dr. Mitchell is truly an expert at organic chemistry and toxicology. The bugs are gone and I would never consider using anyone else when it comes to my family. After your treatments our house always smells fresh and inviting. Many thanks from us for sure.

Fred, Manor, TX

This is great that your service is safe. My brother might be interested too.

Ed, Pflugerville, TX

Your service is great. After you treated my yard for mosquitoes, we had a few [mosquitoes] for about two hours and after that, we haven't had a mosquito since. Your service is wonderful and I really appreciate your work.

Edward, Austin, TX

I'm impressed with your company. I think what you guys are doing is great for families.

Mr. K, Austin, TX
Retired Navy

I'm canceling with the other company today. You guys just do so much more. I'm telling the guys at work about your company.

Ken, Austin
Parent, Pet Parent
Business Owner

The other company was here for only 13 minutes and was gone before I even got to the door. All I saw was the technician sitting in the truck and then he stuck a bill on my door. I never knew what they had sprayed. I told my friend to contact you because Dr. Mitchell knows the chemistry. I told my Chiropractor about your service and there are three people in his office that may be interested as well.

Lisa, Pflugerville, TX
Family with Infant
Business Owner

The fire ants haven't come back since you treated.

Michelle, Austin, TX
Graduate Student

Thanks for the time to educate me along the way while saving my expensive trees- using your expertise as certified arborist… I do not send unsolicited recommendations like this if I did not know the both of you, your level of passion, your dedication to science, teaching, ongoing innovations to your fields and desires to dispel "myths" and get the damn chemicals out of our lives.

Neil, Manor, TX
Biologist / Consultant

*Note: Some personal discussions removed from this testimonial.

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