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ECO Certified™ is a distinguished award earned by businesses and individuals that abandon all use of toxic synthetic dangerous poisonous pesticides. Remember that there is no safe way to apply unsafe toxic pesticides in the environment, inside your home, or at your facility.

Our program helps protect children, pets, fish, bees, water, wildlife, air, and plant life from the barrage of poisons that rain down on our communities and children at the hands of unaware and unconcerned pest control outfits. By taking toxic pesticides out of circulation, we help give our children and the environment a fighting chance at a brighter, cleaner, safer future. We send a strong message to toxin makers... "We are taking back our environment one person or company at a time."

A business need not hire AlwaysEco™ to provide safe pest control services to earn the ECO Certified™ designation. You earn ECO Certified™ status when you agree to;

   1. Abandon all use of toxic pesticides and toxic cleaning products,
   2. Agree to our code of ethics,
   3. Sign our statement of compliance and have it notarized,
   4. Undergo an onsite visit, inspection, and short training program,
   5. Pay the 2-year certification fee of $495.00

If you are a current AlwaysEco™ customer, no additional fee is required to earn certification. When AlwaysEco™ provides the IPM, decontamination, and safe pest control services, we know that the home or facility is free from toxic pesticides inasmuch as possible, and thus no additional fees are required to earn the ECO Certified™ designation. However all documentation is required and you must submit to items 1 through 4.

If a business or individual is not an AlwaysEco™ customer, then a fee of $495 is required. Non-Profit organizations, schools, universities, and other non-profit public or private entities receive a 25% discount on certification.

False Environmental Programs
There are dozens of so-called "green" or "eco" credentials and programs on the market. None of them is safe or environmentally friendly as their terms imply. Pest control companies flock to these credentials to soften public opinion of their toxic business operations. These program operators and certifying services claim that using less of a toxic poison is somehow a "green" program or is "eco-friendly" or even safe. Nothing could be farther from true. These credentialing outfits and their bizarre whimsical analogies suggest that consumers should not be alarmed that poison is applied when none is needed. Less poison simply means that organisms die slower and fewer die at one time. That could hardly be construed as "environmentally friendly" by any standard. In 1962 Rachel Carson proved that regardless of the amount of poisonous pesticides applied, every organism on earth felt its damaging effects. Even the United States Patent and Trademark Office disagree with these false and misleading "eco" or "green" businesses. According to a recent conversation (March 2011) with an attorney at the USPTO, their definition of "green" or "eco" means primarily safe in the environment. Even the USPTO expressed some confusion over the blatant misuse of the terms "eco" and "green." There is nothing safe about a toxic synthetic pesticide nor are these toxins environmentally friendly in smaller quantities. Such nonsense continues to perpetuate dangerous myths that intentionally put children, the elderly, pets, and the public in harms way and the credentialing services that promote these insane concepts are as liable to the public as the makers of the toxic pesticides themselves and the holders of the credentials. Every drop is poison and all surfaces to which these poisons have been applied, regardless of the amount of poison applied, are contaminated and a danger and threat to people, pets, and the environment.

Pest Control Industry Certifications Are Misleading
Many so-called eco-friendly certification programs in the pest control industry mislead consumers by diverting attention away from toxic pesticides to other unrelated issues such as running background checks on potential employees or monitoring CO2 emissions from pest control vehicles, or ensuring that technicians wear clean socks. These issues do not address the core danger - toxic synthetic pesticides. Such certification programs spend too much time certifying the least important, universally unrelated, and even ridiculous matters while trying not to offend the enemies of the environment - toxic pesticide manufacturers. If a company makes, sells, or sprays toxic poisonous pesticides, then they are enemies of the environment. We let the medical, university, and cancer related death facts speak for themselves.

ECO Certified™ through AlwaysECO™ is the New Standard
Your certification makes a direct statement that clearly emphasizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as the first line of defense against nuisance insect and rodent pests and public disease vectors, then safe non-toxic pest control for remediation action. "There has never been a recorded need in history that required toxic synthetic pesticides over safe botanical non-toxic pesticides for insect control."

Your certification informs all others that you are a safe homeowner or business entity that is 100% "Non-Toxic All The Time - No Compromise". When visitors, appraisers, customers, or accreditation authorities visit our website to find out more about your ECO Certified™ credential, they quickly realize that you have earned status as a safe business from the safest and most outspoken business in America today. AlwaysEco™ is America's most unrelenting Environmental Steward. Even the EPA recognized our relentless passion in a personal telephone call from Chief Brennan - the head of the PESP program. Our vast pest control and horticultural licensure alone tells the story quite succinctly. Accrediting authorities realize that your certification is easily distinguishable from the fake or incredibly lacking and misleading stewardship programs offered by pest control associations, and unfortunately, the EPA. No other certification compares to ECO Certified™ and no other certification tells the world that you are "Safe Around Children, Pets, & Environment" 365 days a year.

Why Become ECO Certified™?
   1. You Save Lives,
   2. Consumers Want "Green" Programs and Safety,
   3. You Prevent Pesticide-Induced Diseases,
   4. ECO Certification™ is Tax Deductible,
   5. You Protect Yourself, Tenants, and the Public from Pesticide Exposure,
   6. AlwaysEco™ is an Uncompromising Certifying Authority,
   7. The Public Trusts Your Certification because of AlwaysEco™,
   8. Certification Adds Value to Real Property and Your Business

You could become ECO Certified™ in as few as 10 days so long as you meet all certification requirements. You receive a mounted certificate that remains valid for two years. You also receive an image file so that you can place your certification credential in your print advertisements, on your vehicle, on uniforms or other apparel. For those seeking accreditation, you receive our Integrated Pest Management Manual for public and private entities, written and revised by Dr. Mitchell, CEO of AlwaysEco™.

Your ECO Certified™ credential speaks to your commitment to protect children, homes, clients, tenants, patrons and guests from toxic synthetic pesticide poisons.

Our ECO Certification™ program far surpasses all the faux "green" programs and exceeds all government and industry standards for accreditation.

Contact us today to start your journey to ECO Certified™ the most environmentally sound credential on earth. We accept all major credit cards and e-checks.

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